7 Ultimate Truths About NYC


NYC is the greatest city in the world…, which means that you will come across great oddities here (That sounds way better than disadvantages).

1. Coffins

There is no way you can escape coffins (officially known as rooms/apartments for rent) unless you have an unlimited credit card. On a plus note: your morning yoga practice has never been more exciting than in a 53 square feet room!

2. The MTA

The NYC subway system looks impressive on paper, like everything else. There’s always something wrong with the L or G (or any other train, for that matter), especially on weekends… cause who out of 8.5 million people would feel like going out on a Sunday night?

3. Times Square Creatures

If a Sesame Street mascot (or whatever else) is bombing your picture and then asking for a 5-dollar bill, it means that you’ve reached the last circle of Hell in Times Square. So you try to run away from the mascot, but you bump into a tourist who accidentally kills you with a selfie stick.

4. Trash Bags

Trash bags would lie about everywhere. Everywhere. On a plus note: jumping above the trash bags is almost like getting a good gym workout.

5. Relationship Issues

Ever thought that the plot of “Gossip Girl”” was too crazy to be true? Clearly you know nothing about life. Living in NYC is tantamount to having a complicated love life.

6. Communism

Yes, communism. Do you want to get a cronut from a fancy bakery? Prepare for a long line up.

7. Reactions to Winter

Nothing feeds the national paranoia more than winter in NYC. Snowmageddon and Blizappocalypse weren’t, surprisingly enough, film titles, but news headlines last winter. The subway was shut down… but hey, so was Times Square.