About Me

12662529_220076518338188_8815483906341083100_nStefania Goldman read psychology at Harvard, as well as astrophysics at Cambridge. She also holds an MA degree in Real Life Stuff from the School of Hard Knocks. Her thesis (“Cyberporn and society”) was shortlisted for the Nobel Prize in Literature in 2014 and made it into a movie script , in which Arnold Schwarzenegger is rumoured to star. She’s an evangelist of social psychology, zen and Star Trek philosophy. Stefania actively promotes its learnings by attaching smart-ass captions to random pictures that she spams people with. Occasional contributor to Last Week Tonight and the Cosmopolitan advice column.

She is rumoured to constantly embarrass her friends in public with her personality profound wisdom. Some confuse her for a clown, however she claims to be a reliable person. (You can rely on her ability to do something silly).

In her spare time, she takes out her tent and goes travelling (she claims it has nothing to do with her current internship for the UN). Moreover, she enjoys dancing (her signature move is fingers snapping), singing into a brush and playing musical instruments (Her triangle playing skills are second to no one)

Like every other woman, she’s 18 years of age and she eats cosmic energy (alternatively organic kale) to feel that the society will approve of her happy. She is a mind reader and suspects that you are thinking “how the hell did I land in here?” and “why on earth am I still reading on?” Helpful suggestion: do everyone a favour and contact a psychiatrist at your earliest convenience.